9 P’s Describing Jesus’ Character

by Vanetta Stephens on May 7, 2015

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9 -P's- Describing Jesus' Character and Nature

9 P’s Describing Jesus’ Character 

Christ in you, the hope of Glory! Colossians 1:27

As a Believer, you’ve received Christ as your Life!  He didn’t become a “part of” your life, or an “addition” to your life.  Nope.  He became your new Life.  In your Spirit, you are FULL of God!   Christ, in you, is your Hope—your confident expectation– of Glory!  So what is Glory?

Glory, according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is a Greek word, “doxa” (#1391) which means:
splendor, brilliance, awesome light that radiates from God’s Presence;  associated with God’s acts of power; honor; praise; speaking of words of excellence and highest status to God, glory, glorious, worship, dignities, honor, praise.

Another related Greek word, “endoxos” (#1741) means: having high status and thought to be so wonderful; extension of the feature of an object;  being radiant or expensive; gorgeously

“syndoxazo” (#4888) means to be glorified with;  share glory with;  glorified together.

Christ in us means we have opportunities to radiate His Glory, His brilliance, speak words of excellence, and so on. We are glorified with, and share in His glory, together.  It’s not a word for one day, in the sweet-sweet by-and-by, or ‘when we all get to heaven.’  It’s for now and forever.

Isn’t it amazing that God has chosen to have us share in Jesus’ inheritance as God’s heirs?!! He created us to enjoy! He desires we relate with and enjoy Him, forever!  His Life in us is how that happens.

9 P’s describing the Character or Nature of Jesus.
It’s my hope that you will let God convince you of what He wants you to understand as you meditate–think on–these thoughts.  I believe they will help you overcome anything that has been trying to keep you sick, broke, discouraged, feeling hopeless, etc.

Person of the Trinity.  Jesus is God.  And, all of God is in Jesus, fully! (Col. 2:9)  And, Jesus is IN God. (Jn. 14:20).  All of God lives in your Spirit.  HE is your Life.  Your New Nature as a Believer–child of God is exactly like Jesus’.  Everything true of Him is true of you.  Your Spirit is sealed, and can’t and won’t ever be unsealed.  *We offer a free tool for you to help you learn or be reminded of who you are as a Believer that can be found here. Enjoy!*

Power.  No one but Jesus has ever lived the Christian Life.  You can’t do it!  I can’t do it!  But, He can, and did. Now,  because His Life, which is FULL of power lives in you, you can learn to depend on Him to enable you to do what you cannot do on your own or in your own strength.  He works in and through us by our faith in His ability to do whatever we need.  What is faith?  It’s having had God persuade your heart or convince you that what He says regarding anything is true and sure, and that He is faithful, and dependable to perform it for you.  Faith always has to have an object.  The object is what you are hoping to experience.  Jesus is your Hope.  In HIM,–who is in your spirit–is where you’ll find what you need.

Faith sees this with the eyes of the heart or you could say, “holy imagination.”  It’s not seen with physical eyes until what you need has manifested.  Having had God convince you of Truth rooted in immeasurable, unending, unconditional depth of Love for you is what will enable you to remain consistently expecting until you tangibly experience whatever “it” is for you.

Provision/Provider. Jesus is your provision.  He is your Source for everything you need pertaining to life and godliness, which is everything!  He will let you provide for yourself, but why would you want to? His way is so much better.  I’ve lived depending on my own strength, many times, and I’ll tell you it’s exhausting!  And, it’s inept at best, no matter how it may seem at the time.  Trusting God means that you can rest in HIS ability to provide for you.  You have the very Mind of Christ–as it’s His Life, which includes His thoughts–inside of you.  When you listen for His ideas, thoughts, inspirations, though you may have to move your feet, or drive, or wiggle your lips, it’s a whole lot less stressful than if you have to dig and conjure up ideas for yourself and then work the plan.  Been there and done that!  Not intentionally doing that any more!  Praise God He’s set us free from toilsome, and laborious work!  We may be busy, but it’s not the same as “working hard for a living.”

Peace in the midst of storms, or chaotic situations.  It’s one thing to experience peace when life is good and everything is working just the way you like and prefer it.  It’s quite another to be in the middle of tough stuff and have Peace in the very core of your being!  Have you experienced that?  I’ve had a hard time explaining this to people when I’ve been in sad situations, yet had incredible Peace inside.  It’s a God thing, and once experienced you’ll never forget it.  You can experience Peace when people mess up your orders… or when people forget you were waiting…  It’s not peace dependent on anything you do, or create or have created for you.  It’s not peace that is coming from your environment.  It’s Peace that comes from inside you. With each step you take, you make Peace in your spheres of influence.  God’s Peace means destruction of the authority of chaos, or to uproot the cause of chaos.

Perfect/Perfection.   Jesus is Perfect in every way.  His Perfect Life is in you.  In Him, you are 100% Perfect no matter your actions or behaviors as those are always in alignment with what YOU believe to be true about you. This is why it’s so important to know, and have Jesus convince your heart—not your head—of your true, new identity in Christ.  You will always live from what you believe to be true about you.  As He is Perfect, so ARE you, and as your heart becomes convinced, your actions will match your identity.

Protector.  It is Jesus’ responsibility to take care of you.  It’s His responsibility to get you from Point A to point B. He is the One who keeps you from stumbling.  You can try to take care of yourself, but it’s ‘work.’  It’s freedom to listen to Him, heed His advice, and move accordingly, and keeps fear from gaining a foothold.  You can have confidence in HIS ability to take care of you in every way.

Present. He is always with us, as He’s in us.  He never leaves us;  never forsakes us.  We are never alone. We can be confident that no matter what we need, He’s always there, and ready to help.  We can be confident He always hears us.  We are always in His presence, any time, anywhere, no matter what!

Pure.  He is pure.  His thoughts toward you are always pure.  He never lies to you.  He will never take advantage of you.  He will never set you up to fail.  His love is pure, perfect, unconditional.  He adores you, and thought you were worth dying for!  He paid an incredible price for you so He could enjoy a relationship with you, forever.  HE loves you!  He LOVES you!  He loves YOU!!

Pro-you!  He is always FOR you.  He has given you favor!  The dreams you have in your heart, He is for. He desires you succeed at being YOU.  He wants you to enjoy your life in Him more than you do!  What a thought!  His thoughts toward you are always GOOD, and they’re as plentiful as all of the grains of sand in the sea! (according to Psalms 139:17-18.

Whatever you may be facing, or going through, I encourage you to meditate on these Character traits of God.  They are WHO He is.  As He is, He does.  He has nothing but Good plans for you!  In this world, problems, challenging situations come, but He told us this ahead of time, and said we could be cheerful. Why?  Because HE already overcame everything of this world.   Because Jesus lives in you, you can overcome too.  His power flows in and through according to what you believe.  So, let HIM show you where you may be limiting Him unaware.

If you’re not dealing with negative circumstances right now, it’s a perfect time to meditate on Him.  Then, when troubles come, you’ll be better prepared to flow through them instead of being tossed to and fro by them.

This is not an exhaustive list.  It’s just giving you a jump start.  Tell us what you would add to this list..

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