A Shift in Perception Can Be Life-Changing

by Vanetta Stephens on March 12, 2015

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Perception Vs Truth or RealityA  Shift In Perception Can Be Life-Changing

Sadly, there are many Christians whose perception seems to be that they must chase God down, and beg, plead, or bargain with Him to try to get Him to change their life situations.  Many times they are asking God to do certain things, then wondering why their prayers aren’t being answered.  A shift in their perception is all they need.  The shift is from trying to get God to do something for them, to understanding that God has already done for them what they are desiring.  He simply can’t do what He’s already done.

Have you experienced this with young children?  They are crying and asking repeatedly for something that you have already given them or done for them. Why are they upset with you about this?  Because they simply can’t see it.  What they need is to change what they are looking at, or be shown where something is.  Somehow, they need a shift so they can then see what they couldn’t see before.

If you’ve been struggling with questions, like:  I’ve been sick for such a long time, and I’ve asked God to heal me, so why hasn’t He?”  or “Why do I seem to always have more month than I have money?  I keep asking Him to provide financially for me and my family, so why doesn’t He?,”  I believe this one shift will help you, significantly.

In 2 Peter 1:3, in the Amplified version, it says this:

“For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [full, personal knowledge of Him Who called us to His own glory and excellent (virtue).”  

This verse is written in past tense, meaning it’s written from the perspective that it has already been done for you.  You have already been given everything you need for life, and for godliness.

You have nothing lacking!  This is important for you to know.  If you believe you are lacking something, you are going to keep searching, or you will try to produce a suitable substitute of some type which will never truly satisfy your legitimate need!  All you will do is wear yourself out.  Did you know that one definition of the word “evil” is toilsome, laborious;  pain!

Jesus died to pay for everything you’d ever need.  Salvation, which He purchased has a much richer meaning than just what the word, on the surface, implies.  Sozo–the Greek word from which we get our word “salvation” means::save, rescue, deliver, to heal, by extension: to be in right relationship with God, with the implication that the condition before salvation was one of grave danger or distress:–saved, save, made whole,, healed, whole, do well, preserve.  Did you notice that healed, saved, made whole are past tense words meaning it’s been done for you, already.  When was it done for you?  When Jesus was on the cross, He not only became sin, He also became sickness, disease–of all kinds including mental issues, emotional issues as well as physical issues.  He was tormented, as well, so you could experience freedom from being tormented in your soul.

When Jesus said, “It is finished,”   He meant that He had fulfilled all of the righteous requirements of the law, and no debt of any kind for anyone was left unpaid.  Why did He do this?  So you, my friend, would never, ever have to experience any of the things that could try to hinder you having a relationship with Him, and from experiencing His Abundant Life of Joy, Peace, Love and more!!  Only by believing that Jesus truly did all of this for YOU, personally, as well as for the whole world, and receiving His Life in exchange for your own, can you begin to experience His abundance for all things.

When you think or believe you have lack in any area, what you’re saying, though unaware, is that Jesus is lacking something.  His identity is now your identity.  You are joined to Him as a bride is to her husband and entitled to experience all of the benefits of that relationship.  This is why “as Jesus is so are you, in this world.”  1 John 4:17.  Your New Nature Identity is based on Who Jesus is Who lives in your Spirit.

Shifting your perspective from “I don’t have (fill in the blank), so I’m going to have to try hard to get God to bless me by being good enough, or to find a suitable substitute for my needs” to ” Thank you, God!  You provided everything I would ever need and it’s in You and already in me because you live in me” will begin to change your experiences.

God wants us to live all day, everyday in *rest* modeI’m not talking about sleeping all day, or relaxing in the recliner all day.  What I mean is that we quit striving, quit concocting plans to get our needs met in any kind of way.  It’s the rest that comes from something being completed.

God gave us a wonderful gift called our imaginationOur imagination is not bad.  It’s meant for our good, though I’m very aware that isn’t how everyone uses it.  But, you can learn to use it to picture Truth from the Word of God!

People have a hard time believing anything they can’t see.  Well, you can use your imagination to see what you’re hearing, reading, or meditating on (thinking about) from the Word of God.

If you have been sick or in financial stress for a long time, it can be challenging to view yourself any other way than sick, or in need of financial help or any of host of other things.  As you read the Word, begin picturing what it looks like.  Imagine yourself living in complete health.  Imagine yourself having all of your financial needs met and able to give to anything to which you have a desire!

Whatever it is that you know is yours to be experienced, but you aren’t yet,  I strongly urge to get a picture of Truth in you to help you focus.  In time, The Word you’ve been reading, or thinking on, will germinate and take root.  You may receive creative ideas for your finances.  You may hear God say, “Get up and dance!” or do whatever it is that you couldn’t do.

Start celebrating your victory, for once you believe, it’s as good as done, whether or not it shows up right away.  That is a discussion for another blog post. 🙂  This one piece of the puzzle is a big one, and I believe it will help you experience more of what is already yours!  Rest in Jesus’ ability to perform what you need as it never has been up to you, or within your ability to provide true health, true prosperity, true Peace, etc. without Him.

Remember, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing,” Jesus said.  When He said to Abide, or abide in Him, this is what He meant:: to sit without budging from the Truth He highlights for you, and expect to experience what you’re desiring.

Grace works by faith.  Faith arises the more you hear about the depth of love God has for you, and rest in Him–confident in His ability to bring about what you need to experience,  regardless of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you are currently doing.  Nothing can separate you from His unending, unconditional Love!  This is such wonderful news!!

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