April 22, 2013


Basic Guide For Your Home Group/Community Type Meetings

Food:   A snack isn’t necessary, but it is a good way help people relax and break the ice.  If you’re meeting at your job, chances are good, that it would be during your lunch break.

Worship:   Adaptations will have to be made depending on 1.) where you meet, and 2.) the make up of your group.  You can use worship CD’s/DVD’s/Worship Videos/ or musicians who are in your group.  Singing together without  music is just fine if people are comfortable.  Just do what fits with the people in your group, and your location. Every group will be as different as the people that are in them.

Discussion Time:  There are many ways this can be done. You, the leader, could prayerfully choose a Scripture passage and then think of a few questions that you can ask the group and let people give their input.

After the discussion, the members can pray in groups of two or three depending on how many are in the group, about some type of practical application in their lives brought up by the discussion.

Prayer Request/ Ministry Time:  Pray for what is shared by those in your group.  Take time for prayer for any individuals in the group that need some personal ministry.  Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and to the type of need presented.  Protect privacy as may be needed at times.  Do what you need to so that people in the group will feel safe and valued.

Vision:  Who are some people your group is praying for?  List them on a white board that is only shared with people in your community group.  When your group has an ‘evangelistic’ type of meeting planned, the people listed can be considered for inviting.

Ideally the total time should be around 90 minutes in length.  (This is flexible depending on the makeup of your group,  when, and where you meet). *Workplace meetings may only be able to last about 30 mins.  The length of time is not the critical factor.  These can be held before or after work, or during lunch breaks. Just make sure to include the following:

  • Fellowship
  • Discussion
  • Application
  • Prayer Request/Ministry Time
  • Vision