How God Connects With Us

by Vanetta Stephens on April 3, 2015

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How God Connects With Us (1)
How God Connects With Us

Have you ever wondered how God reaches out to connect with you?  Maybe you’ve wondered if He even bothers trying because, from  your perspective, He seems far away or absent, altogether.

Recently, while enjoying a respite on our back patio, we were reminded of a cat that adopted us a number of years ago.  Now, you’re probably thinking:  What in the world does a cat have to do with God’s desire to connect with us?   I’ll explain…

For a number of years we lived on a couple of acres in a small town.  We’ve had many cats adopt us over the years.  They were outdoor cats, and besides being enjoyable, they were great for keeping snakes and rodents away! What a blessing!!

The personalities of each cat were very different, though many had overlapping traits…. except one.  In all of our experience this one particular cat stood out in that she was petrified of other cats and people.  She would never come around anytime other cats, or people were nearby.  If she saw either, she’d turn, run away, and hide.

We disliked not being able to connect with her.  We wanted her to know we were safe people;  that she could trust us, and that we’d provide for her.  But, how?

First, we had learned a lot about the nature of cats.

We learned by experience what kind of food she’d most likely be drawn to. We offered her what we were fairly certain she would like, and not what we thought she should eat.

Next, we’d place her food out after all of the other cats had finished eating, and we’d go back inside our home. We knew she’d not eat anything if she saw one glimpse of us.  So, we made ourselves scarce.

After quite a long period of time where she’d become accustomed to finding her food at the right place and times of day,  then, we began to stay outside, but at quite a distance away from her.  We wanted her to know that, if she was uncomfortable at all, she could make an escape, which she did several times.  We just remained patient. 

More time passed, and we began shortening the distance between her and us.  She really didn’t seem to notice we were moving closer and closer… or, she began to care less and less, perhaps.

Finally, we were able to be right next to her and her bowl of food, and she’d remain until she’d finished eating.  Bit by bit, she’d begin hanging around after she had eaten, though we were not allowed to touch her.. Oh, no!  She wasn’t having any of that!!

One day, she let us pet her while she ate. Then, she’d let us begin to pet her as she’d pass by,.. but not for too long.

I’m not sure how this came about, but gasp!  We were able to bring her inside our house!  She was quite curious and loved her time inside.  At some point, we were able to pick her up, indoors, and actually spend time petting her while she’d purr, and “knead bread” with her paws.

We had her several years.  She turned out to be a wonderful pet with a very sweet nature.  She came to  enjoy being around people, and at least some other cats. It took quite a long time to connect with her in a way that she could trust us and consider us safe.

We’d never had any trouble making a connection with any other cat we’ve ever had.  It was always instantaneous, pretty much. Perhaps she was a loner type of cat due to her breed.  She may have been mistreated which caused her to make a hasty retreat. Regardless, we were determined to connect with her.  And, we did what we believed would speak to her heart, and endear her to want to spend time with us.  Trusting us was what we were aiming for.

This story came back to mind as we were enjoying relaxing on our patio.  From it, we made the comparison of how God is always wooing each one of us toward Him.  He speaks to us in the way that resonates with our own soul;  not according to what works for someone else.

He knows you and me, intimately.  He knows what catches our attention;  what spells love to us. Trusting Him because we’re convinced He loves us, and He’ll never stop loving us no matter what we do, or what we don’t do is His desire.

His Love is extravagant!  He is relentless!  He will never give up on YOU.  He will never give up on anyone!  He wants you to know that you are worth loving!!   You were worth dying for!  That’s how valuable you are and how much He desires to connect with you!

Why does it take so long for the connection with us to be made?

It all has to do with the condition our soul is in.  The more wounds we have that need healing, or the more strongholds or places in our soul where we have posted “keep out” signs, can hinder our receiving.   People protect their wounds, even if it’s in ways that are actually adding insult to injury, just like we see our pets do, at times.  They don’t understand that we’re only trying to help them.

The love messages from God don’t penetrate because we’re afraid of anything that might set us up to be hurt again. Or, we think we’re not lovable, or deserving of love.

In this life hurts happen, but it is never, ever from God!!  He is not your enemy! He is the Lover of your soul!  He longs to connect with you, and persuade your heart that He is faithful;  that He is trustworthy;  that His love never ends, and is not conditional.

If you’re not experiencing a relationship with Him that is not based on your performance, or your behaviors in any way, then, I strongly encourage you to let Him convince you of the depth and breadth, and height of His Love for you.

You may be wondering how ? 
The answer is simple, and it’s your choice.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  Rom. 10:17.

Faith is not a work or something you work up.  It is a natural response to whatever you’ve been giving your attention to.  So, you can choose to give your attention to hearing the Message of Truth about Jesus and what He’s done for you because He loves you.  Read it.  Listen to messages that point to the Goodness of Jesus!  Let the Truth you’ve heard be entertained in your mind.  In time, you’ll find “aha’s” happening, practically effortlessly.

Your heart will see from a new perspective.  That is the Power of Jesus’ Love at work that transforms you from the inside-out with lasting changes.

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