Jehovah-Jireh, The LORD Provides

by Vanetta Stephens on May 15, 2015

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Jehovah Jireh--The Lord Provides

Jehovah-Jireh, The LORD Provides

In Genesis 22:14, after Abraham had taken his son, Isaac, to the place where God had specified to sacrifice him, he saw a ram caught by his horns in a bush. An angel told Abraham to sacrifice the ram instead. So, Abraham named this place on the mountain:  “Jehovah-Jireh,  The LORD Provides.”

I find verse 5 to be quite revealing of the faith and trust Abraham had in God.   It says that Abraham believed God would resurrect his son, or that God would provide an animal to sacrifice in place of his son which is indicated by this statement:

” My son and I will go over there and worship, (there being the place where he was to sacrifice Isaac), and **WE** will come back to you.” Abraham took the wood for the sacrifice and gave it to his son to carry, but he himself took the knife and the fire (torch). So he and his son went on together.

Abraham was intent on carrying out what God had told him to do, while at the same time, was so convinced of the Promise God had given him  regarding his descendants.  He’d had his heart convinced of the Truth about God, and about Isaac and was convinced that one way or another, Isaac would live.

Isn’t that amazing?  There had been no one resurrected prior to this time so it’s not like Abraham had heard that before.  So, where did that idea come from?  From knowing God, and having had his heart persuaded that God does indeed tell the Truth and honors His promises–no matter how long it takes for them to manifest! He knew what it was to wait, and wait for His promise to appear. In fact, he’d taken matters into his own hands, and seen that fail.  Haven’t we all been there? Abraham learned that God is trustworthy.  He is Faithful!  And, He will do it!

God provides because His identity is “Provision” or “Provider.”  His actions are always an expression of Who He is.  He will always take care of our needs.  He’s already been in, and through every single one of our days. Every detail has already been worked out for us long before we existed, and before we had any idea we’d have a physical or natural need.

In the realm of The Spirit, everything has already been provided for us regardless of whether or not we see it with our physical eyes.  We don’t see what we need, ahead of time.  We live by faith. Only through the eyes of the heart can we see what exists in the Spirit while we do not, yet, have a tangible expression of what it is we are hoping for to meet our needs.

Everything you need is IN Christ, in God.  And, as a Believer who has received Christ’s Life, He is IN your Spirit, fully.  Jesus, Who is your HOPE–your confident expectation of GOOD outcomes–lives in you, and is never surprised by anything. Whatever you need, look to Jesus.

Have you ever experienced being in a situation where your back was against the wall, as they say, and you had no idea how things would work out? Maybe you had pictured yourself in the worst possible scenario because you didn’t see any way out of your situation, and had a hard time believing anything good could, or would work out. Mike, and I have been there, and the following is our story of our first time experiencing a tough situation together as a married couple.

In 1982, I was expecting our first child–our son.  He was due in late October.  I had been working for a dental clinic for two years.  In the summer, the owner hired a management company, and we were told they needed us to update our paperwork for their files.  So, everyone did.  It was with that change, that someone(s) in management chose not rehire me which was a technicality to avoid potential problems that might arise from firing a pregnant employee.  And, they were saving money by not having to provide insurance and for a substitute when I would have been on maternity leave;  a win-win for them.

Mike was a full-time student with one more year to go until graduation.  At that time, a student couldn’t drop out of Pharmacy school, and just pick back up at a more convenient time. It was a highly competitive field, so just because you wanted to be a pharmacist didn’t mean you would be accepted. To say we had concern about how, or if Mike could complete his last year of schooling would be an understatement!

We had a baby coming,  and we were living on my income, for the most part.  Additionally, we had no insurance. There was no way we could buy insurance on our own. Options were very limited, at that time. We checked out all of our options, but nothing worked out for us.

Since, the managers of the clinic I worked for wouldn’t communicate with the unemployment insurance company, my story was never refuted, and they believed me, thankfully!  I was able to collect about $90 a week IF I’d had so many in-person interviews which was rather silly for one in my condition. It was explained that I had to prove by going to in-person interviews that I could, indeed, work.  The dentists I interviewed with took one look at me with my expanded stomach, and just chuckled, and signed my paper with the encouragement to check back after I’d had our baby.  They were great, and I appreciated everyone that met with me.

Well, here’s the thing:  We were still making less than we needed and we were living VERY bare bones. Mike wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to finish pharmacy school since he thought he may just have to go find a job.  Our Dr. needed to be paid his fee before I went into the hospital, and the hospital required their fee by the time I was 7 months pregnant. We saw NO way to accomplish any of these things.

“But God”…intervened. (This is when I learned to  look for “but God” in my life!).

We lived in Tucson, AZ, and our families lived in Phoenix, 2 hours away.  Since I was not going to be able to travel to Phoenix, my parents’ church and Mike’s parents’ church went together and gave a “Grandmother’s” Shower” for our moms.  As I understood the explanation, people brought gifts, unwrapped, so the grandmothers could see the gifts.  Then, during the party, each person would wrap the gift they brought.

Afterwards, both of our moms drove down, and brought the gifts for us to unwrap. That’s the first and only time “I’ve” ever heard of anyone doing this!  They also brought a “money tree.”  I can’t remember what the tree was made of, or any of it’s details, but money was clipped onto it. There were no names associated, so we could never individually thank those who gave.   The money clipped to that tree was the exact amount we needed to pay the hospital fee prior to my admission.  Neither of our sets of parents knew the amount needed because we never told them!

Then, one Sunday, we came home from church with an article in the bulletin about a couple who had received anonymous gifts from people when they were in need.  I said to Mike, “Wouldn’t that be awesome to experience?”   He agreed, and we felt wishful, as I  can’t really say that we were hopeful, at that time.

Not long after that, I would go get the mail, and there would be envelopes with money inside sent to us from all over the world. Most were anonymous. I began looking forward to getting the mail and expecting to find these when I went to the mail box.  We were able to pay what our OB Dr. required by his deadline. We were seeing God provide through people in a way we’d never experienced!

God multiplied the little we had for groceries, and such.  I collected my last unemployment check in November– a week past my due date.  I’d gone to vote, then stood in line for what felt like hours at the office.  Only after a lady asked me when I was due and I responded with “last week” did I suddenly have multiple offers to have a seat, lol.

That night, labor began, and the next morning at 9:55 AM, I delivered a very healthy baby boy.  Since Mike interned at this particular hospital, they allowed us to pay a monthly affordable fee for the balance of the delivery expenses.  Seven months later, we were out of debt.    Mike completed pharmacy school and graduated in May of 1983.  {That is the picture at the top of this article.  The baby is our son, Daniel, when he was 6 months old.}

Nothing happened overnight– except our son’s delivery *wink*.  We experienced the typical emotions of ‘what if’ .. “But God!” did as His Name implies.  We can depend on Him always honoring His name!  He has become our Jehovah-Jireh, The LORD our Provider.  Since then, we’ve had many, many more opportunities to trust our Provider for His Provision for things we could only see with Spirit eyesight–the eyes of our heart.

Perhaps you’re wondering:  How do you see what is yet unseen?  The answer really is simple, though it won’t feel simple to your soul while in the process.  It’s simply by reading Who God is in the Bible, while asking God to reveal Himself to your heart.  It’s not overnight, which is why it’s a great idea to begin learning before you experience challenges.  However, even if you don’t, God is Faithful!

Every time you experience God’s Goodness to you, you lay a foundation upon which to rest for the next time tough situations or circumstances arise.  Faith is strengthened when you learn–and become convinced– that The Object of faith (Jesus) absolutely does what He says He’ll do.

I hope you’ll choose to let Jesus persuade your heart of how much He loves you, and how He sees you: valuable, treasured, chosen, adored, that he says you are GOOD–and so much more!!  He isn’t sad that He made you!  Oh! quite the opposite!!  He is always, always, always singing over you, and celebrating YOU, not because of anything you do or don’t do, but because He simply LOVES you!!

If you’re a parent, when they laid that new baby in your arms, did you love him/her because of what they did, or could do for you?  No way! That baby could do nothing for you!  They are focused on themselves, and their needs and don’t really care that you’re tired, or busy. They don’t know to care! They want what they want when, and how they want it.  BUT, you love them dearly!!  You’d do whatever you felt you had to, to keep them safe, and secure, right?  How much MORE is God like that with YOU?!

Let Him convince you for that’s His Nature and what He loves to do.  Mike and I are not more special than anyone else.  What He’s done for us, He will do for you. We’re convinced!!  The details may be different, but the Truth is He’s your Provision, therefore, He’s your Provider as well!

We’d love to hear what God has done for you on our page.   Come tell us, please!

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